"The great thing about this book is that it will get you through 95% of wine lists out there - even in NYC. Unless you're at a place that employs someone especially for their wine list, this book will get you through it, and you may even know more after reading it than the manager, or owner, who probably chose those wines - or even worse, the rep who just unloaded what they needed to sell. That being said, the wine code doesn't de-mystify, it explains, in very good format, the keys to understanding what you're going to get when you order a glass, or bottle, at your neighborhood restaurant. Wine isn't a mystery, it's a process, and this book walks you through it with ease. This is as clear and concise as can be, yet is super-informative. You want a wine that is refreshing and light? Probably not a California wine, my friend. All you need to do is keep this book handy, or better yet, know and understand it, and you'll be able to order and buy with confidence and ease. Too many wine books out there make it difficult - this one doesn't. Do yourself a favor and get it so you don't order the same old stuff and get frustrated with it being wrong for what you want." 

"This is a fantastic book! Whenever I was picking out a wine, I never knew what to look for. I always seemed to wander through the wine aisle at the grocery store picking out a few bottles on sale and hoping that I would end up liking them. The wine code wine book totally solved my problem because it breaks down WHY a wine tastes the way it does which is exactly what I was looking for. A great book for anyone wanting to navigate their way though wine!"


"Great tips written without any pretense, which I often find to be the most difficult thing when dining out and trying to order wine. I'm always afraid I'm going to say the wrong thing and get a wine I'm too afraid to send back. I can't wait to use the tips I just read to help me on my next date night with the hubby. I hope there is more to come. I would love to delve further into the mysterious world of wine. Thanks for making me understand the wine world in a manner that wasn't too overwhelming."

"Finally, I can walk into the wine section and choose a bottle of wine based on an educated guess versus staring at the wine labels and wondering if the wine is going to taste as good as the label looks!! I love that the author (who is a wine sommelier) swallows her pride and puts it in layman's terms so even a wine novice like myself can figure it out! I had no idea grapes had so many different fruit flavors depending on what climate they're grown in - so cool!! This is a must have for anyone trying to figure out what a bottle of wine will taste like before it's open. I can't wait to show up to my next dinner party with a perfect pairing!!"


"Fantastic. I'm a restaurant professional with experience helping diners select wine in some of New York's most prominent restaurants. This wine code was like a light going on for me. It's easy for the wine conversation at a diners' table to veer off in an ultimately unhelpful and time consuming direction, but this approach will help me organize the necessary information in my own mind to quickly and thoroughly help all levels of wine lovers and diners. I like it from a consumer standpoint, but I wanted to emphasize its value as a tool for those of us in the industry, too. It's a wealth of practical information delivered in a lively tempo. Well done."