The Wine Code Book

Are you tired of picking out wines because of the cool label? "7 Wine Secrets You Wish You Knew" will give you the inside scoop on how you can pick out great wines, with confidence, every time!


The Wine Code Course

When it comes to learning about wine, most people don't want to learn about wine laws, soil microbes or vinification methods. That's why we've designed this comprehensive, step-by-step wine course, in plain English, for people who just want to pick out a good wine.

The Wine Code App

There are over 626 major wine growing regions in the world that label their wines according to the region as opposed to the grape. Not very user-friendly. So, we made an app that lists these regions, along with their respective grapes, to help you identify the kind of wine you're buying. "Cote Rotie" = 100% Syrah. "Puligny Montrachet" = 100% Chardonnay. Product knowledge = An Educated Consumer. Brilliant!